DofE Officers’ Conference 2015

So the minutes are out for this and i notice one change which will get people talking

[quote]DofE Badges. There was a proposal to discontinue the pullover badges and move to
brassard badges. The rationale was that for about half the year cadets are in shirtsleeves so
the badges cannot be seen. Most delegates were in favour of this and Wg Cdr McNeil will
produce a policy on brassard badges. [/quote]

whoop ANOTHER badge for the brassard…like it isn’t full enough already!?

if this is there logic for the DofE badge why not the same for the flying/gliding badged on the left hand side of the jersey?

FFS! Does it really matter?
It’s not bothered anyone for nigh on 60 years. I really do think there are people in the organisation that need to get a proper grip on reality and not get bothered about this sort of thing that is piffling on the peripheral. No cadets that I’ve known past or present have ever said I want a DofE badge for my brassard.
Another badge and no doubt another layout for brassards for those with moustaches to get all excited about.

From what i’ve heard, this all these badge changes are a result of feedback from cadets, mainly via the Comdt open forums (sans staff) and from some of the Regiona Head Sheds who do similar in their areas.

The irony is that they seem to listen to cadets (and in this instance potentially change something that has worked for decades and doesn’t need changing) who will only be around for a couple of years and whose experience, knowledge is limited, but the oldie head sheds might give the impression of being down wiv the kids innit bro.
But then the cadets won’t be as critical or seek changes to things that staff with many years experience and knowledge will, that actually need to change and or do not make sense and or fit with what the staff see happen in their real jobs.

It was a common theme even when I was a cadet about not wearing DofE badges a lot of the time if no jerseys were worn. Seems to be a theme some 10 years later