DofE (again) paperwork

Hi all,

Sorry for my ignorance on these matters, but I do feel I’m a bit behind the curve! Cadet signed up for Bronze last autumn but there was a delay (not sure why) in getting a password for eDofE. This Friday this paperwork arrived. Cadet is well into all Volunteering and Physical and has completed Skills. No one has mentioned the need for any paperwork to come completed, only online stuff. Does this need to be completed in retrospect? What else is there that the cadet needs to do that maybe hasn’t be spelt out yet? Is there somewhere I can find a list of stuff that they/I should be doing? Thanks so much

The pack isn’t despatched until the Cadet fills on their personal details on eDofE (that way things like the discount card are still in date).

The paperwork are just templates for the assessors report that they can fill in and you then upload them onto eDofE, there is no requirement to use them.

Depending on your assessors it can be easier and quicker to just get them to fill in a bit of paper while your standing infront of them rather than asking them to go away and do something online.


Thanks @daws1159, I do appreciate your help.

Just so I know I’ve understood the terminology correctly. The ‘Leader’ will likely be at Cadets and the ‘assessor’ will be where you do the activity ie if you’re volunteering at a charity, then the assessor will be associated with the charity, for example?

Delighted to hear that we don’t have to use this, but can, should we prefer btw.

Yeah the Leader is just whoever at the Squadron runs DofE and the Assessor is whoever is going to write the report. (For some things they may well be the same person but for others they won’t be.)


Thank Daws, I do very much appreciate it.

We (my cadet & I as well as all the other parents) are very lucky to have such a great set of people, happy to assist us on our cadet journey. :pray:t3:


I will make the sacrifice as a willing volunteer, to bask in the praise that @daws1159 has elicited and say, “thank you very much for your kind words; we try our best”.

If you want to, you can keep both this and the eDofE thread in case you have queries on either or both in the future; they’re different elements so I don’t see a problem with that as long as future posts keep within the lines. Or if you want to trigger a thread close, you can mark a reply as a solution.

Glad to see you’re getting the answers you need either way!

Sadly, I was speaking with a squadron commander from a city squadron recently. He told me they have stopped doing DofE as they cannot get the assessors. The local schools do it so he advises his cadets to go down that route. I hope this is not symptomatic of what is happening.

That doesn’t make any sense, with the exception of Expeditions anyone can assess any activity (except direct family members) and for Expeditions all of the Regions run regular courses both face to face and remote. (Plus if you have an NGB and want to remotely supervise groups you need to do the Assessors course these days and agin all of the Regions offer LLA pretty regularly).

Sounds like they either don’t want to run it or they don’t understand it.