Does my radio license count towards cadets?

If I receive my full radio amateur license outside of cadets, does that count towards anything to do with silver radio as you need to complete the Radio Amateur Foundation Module (basically get a foundation license) does that mean I need to retake the Foundation exam with cadets as I would already have my full license.

I’m no radio expert, so I will defer to anyone else more knowledgeable that wants to comment, but I have just read the ACP and it looks like it may count towards the second part of the Silver award (depending on the actual qualification you have). However, you have to do Bronze to start Silver and do the first part of Silver before counting your existing qualification as the second part.

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I have a Bronze Radio course this weekend so should be on the track to silver soon hopefully,

There is no need to retake the exam, just send a copy of your Amateur certificate to your squadron training officer and they can ask the Wing radio officer to validate it or pass to the Region radio officer.

You will still need to complete the RAFAC silver voice operating procedures module to have the Silver radio badge. These are usually run at Region over a weekend.


You won’t need to retake your Amateur Foundation Exam - you may just need to produce a copy of your certificate/upload to SMS before you take part in any amateur radio/HAM exercises.

To get your silver badge, you will need to complete the Advanced Voice Ops module and one of the other two “silver modules”. I would probably suggest doing the alternative WAN/LAN module instead of the foundation course in your case. If you let your region radio team know when bidding I’m sure they will be able to help.

ACP46 will tell you more on what your amateur radio licence will let you do. Your Region Radio Officer may already have a team teaching Silver VP and its modules so maybe drop your Wing Radio Officer the same question and offer your services, as your Region may not operate the same as another where well-intentioned advice is coming from.