Does check pace exist+where can I find THE drill manual

Hi, was teaching some new cadets drill and a staff from a different squadron decided to claim that you can’t order cadets to take “two check paces rearwards” but only “two paces rearwards”. Is that true?
Even serious question, as it is impractical for me to ask every single drill question on here, does anyone know how I can get my hands on a drill manual as a cadet sergeant?
Currently, staff are busy like honey bees trying to sort out summer so getting stuff through them probably takes longer than international mail.

A quick search for AP818 should get you a copy - it’s in a few places on the internet. I believe 7th edition is current.

As for “check paces” forward or back - that’s a new one on me. The book has:


Edit to add:

I’d usually think of a check pace as part of a quick time movement, e.g the first movement of a halt / turn.

Staff have access to the current version on sharepoint.

The half doesn’t have a check pace but the about turn in quick time does.

@AlexCorbin is one of the experts on these matters, but be careful of his virtual pace stick and white belt

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You say ‘current’ as if it ever gets updated!

The staff from the other Sqn is correct
Merry Christmas

Historically, a “check pace” is the step taken between the executive of the command and actually carrying out the command while in quick/slow time. Also used to refer to the pace when you “check” your arms.

The word “check” is not used in a command. Paces rearwards is just that:

“Squad/Flight/Detail… x paces forward/rearward… march.”

AP818 is on the ACC drive, just click the link at the top of the page (or the small 3 bars if you’re on mobile)

And no, there are no check paces forwards or backwards as stated above :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone!
Mana to get my hands on one through extensive Google searching, not sure why but bader website doesn’t load for me.
Will tell the WO to change his drill instructions.

CWO or WO RAFAC? :flushed:

That can be like poking a very angry bear. If you are going to raise it do it, do it the right way.

“Sir/CWO, I have reviewed AP818 and can not see the word “check” within the words of command, can you just double check for me to make sure I’m not reading it incorrectly?”


If you do speak to said Warrant Officer, for the sake of your own life don’t use that tone