Does BADER Learn populate eLearning Classification Results on SMS?

Any ideas? As a Staff Cadet I can only access SMS and not Units meaning this is probably my only way of being able to work out what cadets have done what exams (besides bothering the OC to find out for me :laughing: ).

My understanding is there is a single data set that is shown in both SMS and Units, so the data should be the same across both. This means it should show up in both, AFAIK. But there might be an update time of some sorts? Happy to be corrected on that one though as not 100% sure.

When you go to the e-learning record on SMS - it now only gives you a link to view the record in Units - so it looks like you will need a staff member (with the access to view cadets) to be able to see the exam record, by the looks of it.

I did notice this on the eLearning tab specifically and by the looks of it, like you said, Iā€™m not hopeful.

That being said, if you head to Classification > Summary instead it still shows the eLearning qualifications instead. Any idea if this would still update?

No results of any courses or exams undertaken in Learn will ever be displayed in SMS.

I had to look in 4 different areas to confirm that a cadet had actually passed all their MAC exams.
Learn was only showing half the results !

You should be looking in Units, 1 place :slight_smile:

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