Does anyone know if you get a blue music badge for playing ukulele

I’ve been playing ukulele for over 3 years now and can confidently play at a grade 3 ( possibly higher) . Though I’ve been struggling to get find if I can play it and get a music badge for it . Does anyone know the answer ?

Might be wrong but if you have a grade, maybe at Grade 5, before you can gain the badge.

Check with staff.

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Blue is grade 3, bronze 5, silver 8, gold is playing in one of the RAFAC national ensembles (which usually only require grade 5).

Pretty sure any instrument can get the badge, it would be the lyre badge for ukelele. I don’t have the relevant policy to hand so don’t quote me 100%

You’ll need to have a chat with your Squadron Staff and/or Wing Bandmaster.

ACTO 123 is where youll find what you need for each badge (Grade 3 = Blue, Grade 5 = Bronze, Grade 8 = Silver (copies of certificates required) or signed off by a suitably qualified person (blue only))

However, i cant see Ukelele in the ACTO which is why i would suggest you ask your staff to reach out to the Wing Bandmaster

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Hi there,
In reference to ACTO 123, there is a table of accepted instruments (Annex A).
Unfortunately, the Ukulele is not listed.

Requirements for the Blue Badge in music:

a. By passing a recognised music board examination at grade 3 (practical) in one of the
instruments listed in the Table at Annex A. (The Blue Badge Logbook is to be annotated
b. By providing an expert witness testimony (EWT) (ie. school music teacher) that they
play one of the instruments listed in the Table at Annex A to grade 3 standard. (The Blue
Badge Logbook is to be annotated accordingly).
c. By assessment by a competent person that they have demonstrated their ability to
play one of the instruments listed in the Table at Annex A to the levels described in Annex B.

Here is the table:

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Apologies. I stand corrected

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It’s basically an acoustic guitar though right? :wink:


If i were asked, i would submit and demand badge for my cadet on that basis.

Why do we make these things so complex.
Why even have the 4 different badges at each level for music.

Just have 1 for blue, 1 for bronze etc etc.

Make blue grade 1 any instrument.
Bronze grade 3
Silver grade 5
Gold grade 8


Easy to administer.


Also, how does playing the trumpet not entitle you to crossed trumpets


How can someone get grade 5 on ‘bass drum’.
Thats rediculous.

Is there a common sense klaxon?

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Just far away.

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That’s what I would do and is why I always used to keep a stick of badges. Just in case I got a weary SME.

Our old Wing Training Officer got the right jump when I got bored of them hoarding all the badges and just bought and issued from Squadron sticks. “He can’t do that” was the cry.

Wing Co was very impressed at the AFI that we were visibly doing so well at the PTS.

Thing is, if you’re grade 3 on cornet or trumpet, you’ll smash bugle, they being almost exactly the same instrument without the buttons.

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To be honest I wouldn’t know…

I’m a flutist, not a crass brass enthusiast…

Certain PTS areas we do that for too, to similar protest. Unless those SME’s are going to turn up and unpick the stitching on the cadets brassards then tough.

Even as an RCO I kept a stock of badges so that I could present on the range. I then just ordered back from Wing to replenish my stock.

If a Cadet came to me with a graded instrument I would certainly bend over backwards to make it fit the criteria so that they could have the badge.

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New AP1358C is due for release next weeks (Thanks to someone’s pointless FOI) and I suspect some badges may be culled and it could be the introduction of space…


We are an ‘air, space and cyber’ themed youth org now arent we.


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RIP Parachute badge (2015-2022)