Does Anyone Know - BSA Scorpion Pressure

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Just a query to see if anyone knows. The stated maximum pressure on BSA Scorpions is noted as 232bar on the sides of the rifles. In the PAM however we are limited to 190bar. Does anyone know where this 20% reduction in pressures comes from? As they are unregulated, starting at a lower Bar amount means degradation in accuracy occurs much sooner than if they were filled to near the 230bar. Is it just to stop CFAVs over-pressurising?


I don’t know, but doing something to stop CFAVs over-pressurising is ironic considering HQAC won’t do something to stop over-pressurising CFAVs

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It will be a number of things.

Unregulated air rifles have a sweet spot in pressure for best accuracy. This is never at its highest pressure. 10-20% less seems about right.

Depending on the “quality” of the air rifle, constantly putting it at the maximum pressure could cause premature wear on components as they are having to work harder to overcome the pressure in the system. For us decreasing the pressure we use them at may see seals and components last longer.

Lastly they may simply be risk averse to us trying to get to the highest pressure and going way above it. I can’t imagine we calibrate our gauges and knowing staff and cadets, the pumps will be thrown about and given abuse.

Could be a tonne of things really. I’ve not used a scorpion in a good few years now, it could even be a recommendation in the instruction manual or direct information from the manufacturer.

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By the time I have pumped a few rifles to 190bar I am ready for a heart attack!
If I have to go to 230bar that would finish me off


To assist us in this they don’t let us use other pump options where we can physically set the pressure we want and instead make us all have a full workout at the start of a range day.

Not near a pump to check the actual pressure , but have found that “1 o’clock” on the gauge of the (standard) purchased pump is a sensible balance of suitable pressure for several details versus heart attack risk! :wink:

I think the side of the rifle is a max fill, recommended fill is 190 bar as per the manual here:

Just a quick heads up on this, there are likely to be changes in the new air rifle PAM around charging of air rifles including pressures.

Give us a clue - making things easier, or harder…

Rifles to be charged to 190 bar after each shot?


Outside the manufacturers recommendation if you’re not at 190 bar for each one surely? :wink:


Some things easier, some things better (if not easier).

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Fingers crossed - I might die of shock if that is the case!

Separate issue - happy to take PM answers if anyone is concerned - what (if any) wpn movement form / notification is relevant to AR? I can’t find anything, but there have been a large number of emails about return to shooting over the last few months, to different accounts (sqn & private). Nothing relevant in ACP26 (not in Jockland :wink: )

Order 3 para 5 of ACP 26 is the only reference.

Depending on how sensitive your CoC are you might want to do movement forms so they know something is being moved or just have an email from whoever owns the rifles to say you are authorised to draw and move them.


Which refers to the HO Guide to Safety, which merely says (open source of course):

“• Cover air weapons when you transport them, e.g. in a gun slip.”

They are "ours’ - will go for a simple email - to the receiving sqn, c.c CoC.

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