Does anyone know a solution to stop your rank slide sliding up your right epaulette?

Recently I have been promoted to Cdt Cpl and I have noticed that my rank slide keeps moving up due to the being brassard in the way and it is starting to get on my nerves.

I also have the same problem when wearing my stable belt as it slides up my back even if I have it loose or tight, it won’t stay put at the back.

Does anyone have or know a solution to stop this from happening? Thanks

I’ve known people use a bit of velcro sewn to the epaulettes and stuck to the inside of the rank slide to hold it in place.
As to the stable belt the easy answer is to just wear the normal belt, though I’m sure someone will be along with a more useful answer.

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The tailored belt loops?

I’ll get my coat.


With the rank slide, use a little safety pin on the inside.

Staple belt, just accept that this will happen unless you add larger belt loops to your trousers. Personally I wouldn’t bother.


If you can, get a dark blue (or Black) small(ish) paper clip. Clip through the brassard loop and the rank slide to keep them together…

Life savers


I found a belly stops the belt riding up


For rank slides: as suggested, go with small brass safety-pins under the epaulettes, as close to the shoulder-seam as possible.

For the stable belt: ok, listen carefully to this suggestion (and this presumes you are NOT going to need to remove the belt until you’re changing out of uniform).

Obtain some short thick elastic bands, and thread them tight, vertically, around the empty belt-loops on your No2 dress trousers, finishing off with a knot. You can also add a pair on top of the horizontal side-waist tightner straps (if fitted to your latest NC issue trousers).

Put the stable belt on, smartly and centrally, on top of your ‘rubberised’ empty belt-loops.

Hey presto: your stable belt suddenly keeps your trousers up, and your trousers keep your stable belt from going walkies up your back.

That’s ok, you’re welcome (ps it’s an old RAF Regt trick for the rare occasions when they’re in blues& shirt-sleeves)


Demotion :joy:


:joy: Suggestion noted.

Pop studs sown underneath works a treat as well on epaulette and the slide - pops into place

glue it

That is an awful idea. Do not glue them.


What he said

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Hot glue gun works wonders for badges so why not rankslides :smile:

Stop trying to give Alex an aneurysm

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To be honest i use wonder web glue on my no1 badges then sew… Because im horrific at sewing

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I got my mother in law to track rerank my No1s. She’s got to have some uses

i need to re rank to T&L :wink: