Does anyone have any slides/presentations for leading

anyone have any leading resources?

for all 3 sections thanks :slight_smile:

Are you a cadet of member of staff?

All the official PowerPoints are on Sharepoint.

If you’re a cadet, ask your staff to get a copy for you!

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cadet i was just told to look online for a presentation

That’s not ideal. Your staff may not know where they are. For reference, all the leading information is here.

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when i click on the link i just get a access denied page?

Yes. The link is for your staff.

oh lol ok is there any resources i can access in the meantime as im not able to visit squadron in half term and would just like to do some notebook work

Don’t worry, if you can’t access them, you’re not missing out on much.

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967 Sqn have Leading Cadet Training Resources available on their website. There is powerpoints available on SlidePlayer as well.
Both above links and more are not guaranteed to be updated so might not match the current leading cadet syllabus.

Thank you this is the best recourses i had found thanks :slight_smile:

The books on that page are very well written and probably better than any powerpoints you’ll find too :slight_smile:

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