Doctor's Details

I had a sudden thought today…

Why do we collect doctor’s details on TG21/22s?
Under what circumstances would this be useful information?

If a cadet was unwell on an activity, I’d be asking them about history / calling parents. Likewise for staff, I’d be asking them. (If I couldn’t ask them, it’d likely be a 999 call first anyway).

Equally, how often would a GP be able to give useful information to me if I did call? My GP’s closed during most cadet activity hours, and would they be willing to give sensitive information to a random caller (I would hope not)?

So where is it useful?

If you take the cadet to hospital or the station doctor they will want to know this info so they can write to the GP afterwards with details.

Indeed but no GP would ever release details to somebody who calls, unless consent has been gven or it is a legal obligation.

Something to consder for cadets and staff who have medical conditions but everyone really. All very well to have details on a phone but they get broken, batteries run flat etc, cards get wet or ilegible. Small goes on a key ring or you could put on a chain round the neck or kept at the bottom of a bag. Literally just plug into a pc no codes needed to get in. Has NoK details Medical conditions GPs name and anything else you want to add, including a picture.


Would this not be information parents / staff could provide directly to A&E staff themselves?

Not necessarily, if the cadet was in one place and the parents were in another and not readily contactable.

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You mean we don’t have a national medical database that doctors and hospitals can access to gather and update information?


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I’d settle for one department talking to another in the same hospital. Then we wouldn’t have had such awful care during the last miscarriage.


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