Do not want to stay signed in

When I login to an 0365 account I get a “do you want to stay signed in” page “yes or no”.
I have 3 of these accounts cadets and two other groups I’m part of and do not want to remain ‘signed in’ to any of them. It seems “no” is the wrong answer as it keeps asking if I want to remain signed in. Is there a way of making it permanently a ‘no’, or is it like so many things like personal settings for ads, track location, etc if you say ‘no’ or turn them off, you’ve made the wrong choice.

There’s a box to tick that says “don’t show this again”.


Yeah that doesn’t work! Have the same issue on my work laptop.

I’m blaming Firefox

I’m having the same issue.

I’m blaming Microsoft!

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Odd. Worked for me.

Like others that hasn’t worked.

Clicking yes doesn’t work either.