Do cadets need to be accompanied by staff member to AEF?

Not fully back in as staff yet, got to love the admin process, but sons just been informed the staff member supposed to be taking them to AEF tomorrow can no longer do it so was wondering if it has to be staff member or can a parent drop them at the location?

Flying certainly not as freely available as it was when I was last involved so would be a real shame for the kids to miss out if I am available to transport

You need a member of staff to escort the cadets at the AEF.

To supervise them while they’re waiting and to escort them to the aircraft at our AEF anyway.

ATC staff are required as those on the AEF / on the station aren’t DBS’d.

You may be able to transport, but there would need to be at least 1 over-18 or staff member as well. You wouldn’t be allowed to be unsupervised with cadets. Our AEF needs someone to do paperwork but not to walk out to the aircraft and you could probably do that as you’d be with the fitter all the time.

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Thanks everyone, I’ve informed the sqn staff that if they can get staff fron one of the other sqns that will be attending to agree to supervise then I will provide transport and collection service. Hopefully will be able to arrange something so they don’t miss out :+1:

Sounds like there is some regional variation here, as we have been told if absolutely necessary a parent can transport and supervision etc can then be sorted at the AEF, better that than waste valuable sorties.

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Depends on the location of the aef.

For example 2aef does not allow staff cadets to take the cadets and only cfavs with BPSS as on a ‘super top secret’ establishment… yawn.

That and certain wing bods get a massive hard on thinking their WHQ is located in area 51.


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