Do ATCs carry on through the summer?

This seems like a naïve question at best I know. If it isn’t obvious I am a CCF cadet and I am just purely curious whether all do or don’t.

I have spoken to some people while at Turnhill and they said they do carry on, yet other have said they stop.
Is it a squadrons choice?

If the answer is you do carry on with parade nights, then please adopt some over eager CCF cadet just for the summer! Haha

Thank you.

It’s entirely up to each individual squadron as to whether they open during the holidays or not.

And there is nothing stopping a CCF cadet joining an ATC Squadron. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, might consider it :wink: .

But I highly doubt an ATC would be okay with me joining just for a summer that just shows a lack of commitment.

I’ve got one who joined us as well as his CCF, gives, he loves doing the extra nights.

As to the question I don’t know anyone who closes completely but I know plenty who go to one night a week.

Thank you, i will have a look at my local squadron.

I have heard some squadrons go down to once a week. We parade as normal twice a week.

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We go to predominently civies for the summer but carry on parading

Only time we close is if a majority of staff are off. Doesn’t happen often though, we normally plan better than that, so we run straight through the summer.

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I’d imagine that if you make your position clear then most would be happy with it - the biggest likely issue would be how it would work regarding subs.

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One night a week during the school holidays, helps maintain staff sanity if nothing else.

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Sounds correct. :+1:

IIRC wasn’t there something mentioned by HQAC that squadrons should stand-down over the summer holidays and Christmas to benefit staff?

thank you for the help, i shall look into it imminently

We normally carry on through the summer, with the odd parade night cancelled if we are short of staff.
We also normally end up in MTP for most of the summer, with the occasional civvy night and sports.

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I used squadron finder to message my local squadron, they didn’t have an email. Is that a good way to contact them?

If you’ve got FB, find them on there and message direct. Or telephone on their parade night

Thank you I didn’t know if FB was a formal enough way to contact.
That helps a lot !

Well you are quite correct that it’s not a “formal” way to contact, but it gets the job done and if they don’t respond to anything else they what can you do?

I did it ahhh. Sorry it made me quite nervous. But it is done.

Thank you all so much for the help!

I know the FB page for my unit is a closed group, so you may not be able to contact them that way.

The squadron finder route should have the local Wing HQ contact the squadron OC via e-mail, our Wing does.