Ive been told by many cadets that we get a discount in places like Mcdonalds if we show our 3822 is that true or not because I can’t imagine us falling under the armed forces discount.

I’ve been using my Defence Discount Scheme card for ages and save a fortune on insurance and car hire. I even do all my Sainsbury’s shop with vouchers now as you can buy them for 4%off. Saves a good amount over the year. Any cadet or CFAV over 16 can join the scheme.

Our cadets enjoy 50% off any walk in order at Domino’s pizza, 15% off Mountain Warehouse and 15% off Cotswold Outdoor. This discount is off the standard shop prices which sometimes means a sale price could be cheaper. I did also go into a barbers and negotiate a standard discount price on a haircut if male cadets showed their 3822 or a downloaded discount voucher (for recruits) on a secure website. Female hairdressers were less keen so never managed to get anything.

I would encourage everyone to get out there and negotiate with shops. The 3 stores above did this as standard on the basis that there was a military connection however, other shops are usually happy to oblige.