I’m a newly promoted Sergeant and I have noticed that the squadron discipline has gone down, mostly female cadets not doing a reasonable task of what they’re told by an NCO, but also lack of basic standards such as poor uniform, laziness and disrespect, the JNCOs are also failing to do this, any advice on going forward with solving this?

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It really depends on the individuals but as a newly promoted Sgt, it might be worth sitting down with the other NCOs and voicing your concerns, get their input etc. Do you have any other SNCOs??

If the NCO team then agree a way of working, you could speak to your OC or Training Officer and ask for a period on a Parade Night to speak to the cadets and reiterate the units standards and required behaviours. This thens ensures that everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

Following the meeting with the Cadets, make sure you and the JNCOs are present and mingling with the cadets to get to know them better and to continue to uphold the units standards etc.

I would always advocate for education before disciplinary. Assume they don’t know any better and (with the help of your fellow NCO’s and staff) educate the other members of the squadron as to how the proper standards can be achieved. Note that this can only be done if the Staff and NCO’s agree on what standards should be maintained in the first place.