Disastrous eSports Competition

Here’s my first experience with a proper eSports competition and it’s made me rethink weather we should do them in the cadets after it went balls up.

What happened was I signed up for this sposered competition by IKEA and someone else. And I could of won £2500. But this was a 2 v 2 torny. So I teamed up with a random man.

And after spending 10 mins getting into the lobby, we found the guy set up the lobby on the Japanese servers despite us all being in the UK. So after some severe lag we restarted on the EU servers.

Then me and my guy got whooped 7 - 0. And it was a best of three. But my teammate rage quit so I resigned the team because even though I could of carried on solo I knew I had no chance.

So, I don’t think the cadets could cope.

The kind of thing your describing is a world away from what is being thought about RE eSports in this organisation.

Your issue was caused by PPP, servers based overseas, and playing teaming up with someone you don’t know at all. These are things that can be sorted with what we do.

Also, remember you don’t need to create a brand new thread for every point you need to make, there is often another thread where your views may help the conversation already at play. In this case, here: