Direct gold DofE

I was talking to a fellow cadet NCO from a different Sqn, who told me that because i was 16 I could skip Bronze and Silver DofE and go straight to Gold.

What is this true and if so what caveats does it come with?

Yes, true with extended timescales. 6/12/18 months across Physical, Skill, Volunteering.

You need to look at this in a wider context.

How long are you staying in cadets; you have until your 25th birthday to complete. So plenty of time to complete all three levels.

Better to have completed Bronze or Silver, and be working towards Gold. Than working on Gold and never complete.


I’m thinking of leaving at 18 or staying on 1 year as CI after 20, It just depends on whether I can convince myself to go to Uni before RMAS

I would recommend you go to Uni before applying to Sandhurst.

  1. You’ll gain some life experience.
  2. You can apply to join OTC.
  3. It’ll give you more options if you don’t succeed (I do wish you tie best of luck).

Thank you very much. I just hope I find a hidden knack for academia in the next 2 years :sweat_smile:

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