Dining in night

Hi everyone - I wondered if anyone had a document I could scrounge with the running order etc for a Sqn Dining in Night ? I used to have one but have moved Sqns and don’t have access to my old documents.

Thanks in advance


Rough guide is as follows AJ:

  1. Arrival of diners and guests for pre drinks etc about half an hour before you intend to sit down. Have a seating plan and make sure people check where they’re seated.

  2. Mess Manager (if you’ve got one or Sqn WO) announcers Dinner at set time. Top Table take their seats last.

  3. Sqn Padre does grace (if you’re that way inclined).

  4. Eat.

  5. After last course, staff clear everything away except port glasses. (you can leave water glasses and I’ve seen some wine glasses left, but not normally)

  6. Port delivered to Presiding Officer and various others. Pass to left. Water for those who do not take port.

  7. Loyal toast.

  8. Normally a 10 minute comfort break. Coffee served, maybe petit fours or cheese and biccies to nibble on during speeches

  9. Speeches. Presiding Officer/Sqn Cdr first then Guest of Honour.

  10. Top Table leave table for bar, Mr Vice takes Presiding Officer’s place.

  11. Mr Vice entertains if you wish