Dining In Night This Year

Prior to lockdown we held an annual Dining Night yearly, now we are coming out the other side we are looking at planning one for next year. BUT we have a problem in that in previous years we have subsidised the cost too Cadets through bag packs and fund raising. As the are and not looking like happening in the near future I was wondering how other Squadron’s fund these.

We’ve done it both ways in the past where CWC have subsidised, and other times where everyone pays full price. I think there will be a lot of squadrons with less ability to fund raise until Covid completely disappears. (if ever?)

As for how that can effect your future dinners, I’m not sure! Without knowing details that’s got to be up to you and your CWC.

If you have money sitting there for a project or other spend, approach local branches of charities ro see if they’ll make a donation, freeing the money for in this instance a meal.

As for the near future of fundraising as long as no cadets are involved the management have no control over CWCs and as adults, staff can be asked, they don’t need the say so of some seat warmers. We only get approval for cades to assist with fundraising, to tick the boxes, not the actual fundraising activity, no cadets no approval needed. It may be that no cadets means less money, but better some rather than none.

We’re in a similar situation… bagpacks are unlikely in the near future, and even then do people still carry cash/ donate like they used to? So we set our cadets a challenge … come up with and take part in a fund raising event the proceeds of which will be used to totally ( or partially) cover any subsidy.


Fund raising has to become more inventive.
The bag pack IMO is dead. The DIY till, which has gone from “10 items or less” to trolleys and a lot more “scan and go”, which is resulting in less manned tills, for people to lurk at the end of. Not to mention delivery or “click and collect”, where people don’t go into the shop. Also for those so inclined card payment and “tap and go” has been increased to £100 although it will take shops a while to get this implemented, it will mean less people with a handful of change and will people want to bother stopping to do a card donation for a charity or organisation.

Our Committee was looking at a portable contactless payment device like the RBL use.

We got hold of a Sumup machine , they are on offer now and again. You pay a small fee but we figured this was offset by not getting a donation at all. U can set them to a set amount too, so you can just present your contactless and it takes that amount.

That’s what RBL do at the main train stations, they have 3 setup on stands with a label on each £1, £5 and £10. It’s quite a good idea and I bet everyone goes to the £5 one

Yes: they do the same here at Sainsbury’s. I agree everyone will go for the middle one.