Difference between Admin orders and Joining Instructions

Hi all,

A question I’ve never thought about before, what is the difference between an admin order and joining instructions? You see both but to me they look identical

An admin order is for those running the event; the principle being that if the person in charge of planning has to dip out, anyone (within reason) could pick up the admin order and understand what is being done to deliver the event and run with it.

JIs are specifically for participants - what they need, where, when, how much etc.

Sometimes for very simple events the two can be combined as they do include common information.


The clue is in the name - Admin ORDER.

They should be a set of formal directions from the organising authority for participating units and/or individuals to make an administrative event happen; same as with an Op Order for an Operational activity. That’s why you’ll see the terms ‘are to do x, y or z’ for a unit or person under command. It’ll be ‘requested to etc’ if they’re not under command.

As mentioned, they can very easily be used by a substitute if a unit or participant withdraws. Joining Instructions should be advice for those attending activities as already mentioned.

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