Didn't know CWO was minimum rank in CCF(RAF)

…but seriously: you sometimes hear certain comments regarding dress standards in the CCF. However, these guys are flying the flag just fine. Though you almost can imagine the PoW saying “Can I be that rank too, please?”


What’s the collective name for a group of CWOs ?

That unknown word could maybe be: [ul]
[li]…A Mistery of WOs, or;[/li]
[li]…A Warranty of WOs, or;[/li]
[li]…A Shout of WOs, or;[/li]
[li]…An Exclamation of WOs, or possibly;[/li]
[li]…A Crown of AWOs[/li]


But: [ul]
[li]…A Drill of CWOs, or;[/li]
[li]…An Aspiration of CWOs, or;[/li]
[li]…An Ageout of CWOs, or, ideally;[/li]
[li]…An Excellence of CWOs[/li]

Maybe we should have an old-school ACC competition, invite further suggestions, and vote…

Anyway, apologies mods, this is meant to be a uniform thread, not a random creative one.


ps maybe the CWOs in that picture could do with shortening their belts, but that’s me just being unfairly picky.

What about the 2nd one in (the one Charlie’s stood almost in front of) who looks like someone robo-copped him a week ago and he just hasn’t bothered to shave the back of his head as well?

Maybe me just being judgemental! :evil:

To balance things, I won’t be judgemental then…I’ll just give an unbiased comment on the aesthetics of such a haircut.:

It looks retarded.

A collective name for a Group of CWOs…mmm a total waste of resources how many CWOs do you need.? we have two and thats toooo many

I always used to use a shout of Warrants :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was “an ego of CWOs”.

That second one in wouldn’t get away with that hair on the collar on my unit… not as a senior NCO, anyway.


I bet they have got white socks on … :evil:

Umm, no, I think that irrespective of what people can say regarding certain dress standards as upheld by some members of the CCF, you just know these guys are wearing black socks. Be fair, they can’t have got all the way up to the rank of Wobbly Orange and be wearing the wrong socks at a Royal Review. It’s just not happening.

However…on the subject of Cadets being discovered to be wearing whites socks on parade…on being rumbled, it’s worth the reviewing staff occasionally trotting-out the comment:

The ensuing confusion helps sort them out in the future.


ps as does a squadron stock of cheap black socks and a penalty payment pot

I maintain a small stock of RAF black woolen socks from my parent station for just such an occasion.

A collection of CWOs?

A C of WO.

[quote=“landingsquare” post=5127]A collection of CWOs?

A C of WO.[/quote]
Say again? Oh, do you mean like a pun, a sea of woe?

Ideally I’d prefer a lake of wisdom, but…anyway, always useful+capable people, and a welcome sight whether solo or in formation.


[quote=“wilf_san” post=5129][quote=“landingsquare” post=5127]A collection of CWOs?

A C of WO.[/quote]
Say again? Oh, do you mean like a pun, a sea of woe?[/quote]

Got it in one!