DGA and SAA for cadets?

Quick one, given that the DGA and SAA storeperson shooting qualifications can be delivered virtually, and a lot of cadets are reaching 18, does anyone know it u18 cadets have been given the opportunity to complete either course? Or what the requirements are?

No they aren’t. You need a Security Clearance and must be a CFAV.

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Why do you need SC? DGA is DGA, it’s a civilian qualification too. (It’s been useful actually in preparing for my CPL theory as I already knew some of the stuff in Ops!)

I appreciate that a cadet can’t be left in charge of ammo as you’d need an SC for that, but surely they could be the escort?

So you require SC to be responsible for Arms / Ammo.

To prevent any instances where you are qualified but not cleared SATTs will only deliver training to those with SC for these courses

  • SAAI
  • RCO
  • DGA
  • SAA

DGA isn’t worth the paper its written on.

Anyone can deliver it and in reality you could even make your own certificate and it would mean as much as what the corps one does out in the real world.

I beg to differ.

It allows me to move the Ammo from the Issuing Armoury to the Range and is a crucial element to the delivery of Cadet LFMT.

I think you may be confusing the usefulness of having the qualification, with the education it provides…

Dangerous goods awareness has to be delivered by an Authorised Rep who has done the course at WSTF at COS.

The store person courses for arms and ammo can be delivered by someone with suitable experience.

No point cadets sitting through it all, it’s a waste of places that could be filled by staff who require it.

We do a military version of the civvy ADR but cover such a specific section it’s no use for anything but 1.4S.

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