Demand on time


As another year nears it’s conclusion I was wondering what things had demanded the majority of staffs time during 2018? Was it the same as 2017 or did this year have any surprises :thinking:


having to deal with malicious complaints from cadets and the inflated egos that are wrapped up in lies of senior staff.

this it’s self took up more of my time this year than working for the benefit of the cadets…
and people wonder why staff leave




The regular forces and local organisations taking advantage of us trying to promote the blue footprint.

We all knew it was going to be a hectic year with the centenary but it seemed it didn’t matter whether the local council were unveiling a plant pot or some of the biggest parades ever seen were happening, our time was “demanded” rather than requested.

Remembrance day saw us at 6 events in 1 day and i have worn my No1’s 10+ times this year compared to the normal 3-4.


By contrast, I think I had a relatively quiet year. Barely any RAF100 nonsense in my neck of the woods.


Mine had increased

Only because they found out i got a monday to friday job


Do you ever say no?

We were asked to take part in a city Remembrance event on the Sunday afternoon but I declined on the basis my cadets had already spend 3 hours on duty in the morning at school. They seemed a bit miffed but again they just wanted us to boost the numbers in uniform.

CCF don’t get landed with car parking duties - sometimes it’s annoying we don’t get invited to stuff (e.g. families’ days) but often it’s a blessing.


It appears not, but it was the odd event that landed in the inbox that you plan room into the calendar for, before we knew it the calendar was overflowing. We rejected more than we went to which is a scary thought.

My major grudge against it all is not that it takes my time up as id be out doing something regardless, its that rather than being out running kayaking/climbing or biking we were in blues and basically making up numbers for VIP’s to get pictures with for the local paper with zero added value to our cadets experience.


I don’t know, a debrief for cadets post event about political machinations and how the world works would have some value surely? If only the first time they are subjected to such :wink: