Delivering Adventure

Are you an AT instructor and want to develop your understanding of how to deliver adventure?

I’m currently listening to this podcast which was recommended to me on a recent Mountain Training course Directors Update by the ex-OC of CCAT.

It’s really quite an interesting listen with some good concepts and tips and tricks around risk management (or risk ‘engagement’ as one guest describes it, which I quite like) from some seriously high level adventure guides. Find it on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.


Tbh, I’m not AT and I might give it a listen anyway. Transferable learning and all that…


I’ll give it a listen

It’s obvs AT focussed but definitely transferrable to any of our other ‘adventurous’ activities where we manage and engage with risk.

Strangely, noone has said ‘cancel everything when it’s a bit windy’ yet.


Give it time.

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