Defence Review

Or The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy to give it its full name. Due out on Monday.

Of course there is the usual speculation in the media and from the think tanks, some of it closer to the truth than others.

Leaving the politics aside, what do we expect and what would we want to see?

(Maybe big picture stuff, rather on the future of the ATC or the cadet forces, there’s enough on that in other threads on here).

If we weren’t locked down I’d have my Cadets debate it!

I’ve heard rumours of the RAF Regiment being in jeopardy, and the usual discussion about Puma and Wildcat in its many guises.

Less people

Less planes and less heavy armour

More contracts up for grabs in the private sector

More base closures

  • 11 crewed ISTAR platforms to go… Islander and Sentinel both retired
  • Royal Flight 146s to be replaced with (unnamed) leased aircraft
  • C130J to go
  • E7 numbers cut from 5 to 3, with a 2-3 year gap between it and E3’s retirement
  • 24 ‘older’ Typhoons (Tranche 1s) retired early
  • 45 transport helicopters (‘41% of the fleet’) to go
  • No more F35s at all
  • Investment in Tempest

Think the Times said something similar

Give it another 20 years there won’t be a military left.


C130s going was announced last week… Troops have gone wtf because apparently the A400 doesn’t touch the sides compared

We’re going to be going back onto reserve t&c along with UAS (we’re joining the VR) meaning no VA, but a bounty for good attendance. Flying is going to go through the roof but only if we solve the pesky no shows as that’s the only reason there is no flying.

Cadets will also be drafted into the VR to improve discipline (action can be taken against 14 year olds not attending flying) and also to pad the figures when it comes to numbers of service personnel. This does mean though that a 17 year old FS will have command powers over a regular Sgt when on duty.




More seriously though I wonder about things like the Red Arrows being scaled back to fewer aircraft. The music services to go tri-service and with a cut back on ceremonial events.

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Section visits will be fun going forward… This is a hanger… We used to have aircraft to put in there but its now empty


But good news kids. Lidl are taking the hanger over and you can do work experience on the tills.


Hahahaha, you think we’ll visit stations :rofl::rofl::rofl:


But we’ll still have the BBMF. Hopefully.

Covered in Serco branding

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Hahahaha, you think there’ll still be any stations?! :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Maybe at least that means we’ll be able to use Civi flying and gliding clubs/schools

Sounds like every time we go for PTT