Defence gateway?

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a Defence Gateway account as I’ve seen it batted around on here for a while, but I’m not sure on it’s purpose.

This is something I feel I probably should know but if you’re never shown or told then you never will.

Some “HR” / finance purposes for uniformed staff - needed for MT aspects if you have FMT600.

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And to access “pay” slips.

Amd for uniform issue/replacement now.

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Ah so as an OC, I definitely need to know my way round it by the sounds of it.

Its a MOD system basically, used by MOD, which has been thrust upon us to use; but only in some areas!

You’ll notice the Army Cadets have their own app on DG, but RAFAC does not.

Think of it as an access portal to multiple other things. A gateway if you like…

There are many different apps on there for doing various things. Honestly, it’s not super useful apart from the 2 main bits mentioned above, pay slips and the digital FMT 600.

The most useful thing I find is access to JIVE/Defence Connect which is good for finding JSPs and APs that we wouldn’t otherwise have access too. It’s all non-OS, so there’s nothing too exciting, but can be useful.

Because we use our own special system.

The purpose of Defence Gateway is to provide a single login for all the various applications used across the MOD, where security allows of course. We used it to access our own Cadet Portal, Westminster, resource centre, the DLE, Defence Connect, ArmyMail, pay slips, driver stuff etc.


Ive had to send a password reset request to an admin, but havent had a reply in 3 weeks, apparently i tried (& failed) too many times to log-in.

I try to log in once a month :man_facepalming:

Thank you everyone for the info. Appreciate it. :blush:

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