Defence Discount Card

Hi All,

I posted this topic for all CFAV and Cadets over the Age of 16!

The MoD has a Defence Discount Service that applies to the people above
and I though it might take interest in you.

A Defence Discount Privilege Card costs £4.99 for 5 years. I will post the
links for you to get the card

Link for CFAV and Cadets(over 16) sign up form :

Link for Cadets(over 16) Cadet ID form to fill out:

Link for Hompage:


All of those discounts are on offer to you if you have current ID Card and service number.

All of the other affiliated groups do not charge for “membership”

Pay if you want to… but who gets the money?

I applied for one. It came pretty pronto, and came with a 10% discount card for Iceland. My missus has already recouped the £4.99 cost and by the time the 5 years are up, should have saved quite a bit.

I’m thinking of getting one, because I don’t have any official ID as a CI.

I would prefer it if the card didn’t say ‘Privilege Card’ though. It makes it sound like something for collecting supermarket points.

It says “Defence Discount Service” on it.

Does it not also say ‘Privilege Card’ in nearly-as-big writing at the bottom?

It does say Defence Privilege Card at the bottom, but much smaller and more discrete. But as you say, as a CI with no “official” ID, its a way of getting the discounts.

Resurrecting this old thread, I’ve just signed up for a My Esso Card that reduces the price paid for fuel at Esso Petrol Stations…

Current Prices this week;

Diesel: £1.199
Unleaded: £1.148
Premium Diesel: £1.283
Premium Unleaded: £1.206

The DDS Card also offers discount of ~25% at Frankie & Benny’s and Prezzo, and should be easier for us all to sign up with now due to the CI Membership Card.

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I’ve had my card as a CI for at least a year and I’ve saved a shed load with it, mainly KFC cos I do like my fried chicken haha

Also got my CI card with flat faced mug on it. I didn’t join cadets to get noticed or be centre of attention, but being around the general public with my ID card on my lanyard can be instantly shown to anyone that asks about my role in the Air Cadets as I don’t have a uniform, just the general sweatshirt which I’m close to out growing. It says Civilian Instructor and I give them a brief idea of what I do, and that I’m unpaid and happy to give my time etc.

I’ve been using one for a couple of years. I always browse through the app (along with other discount code/voucher apps) when out or considering a purchase.

Easily worth the money - I get £10 a month off my phone contract for starters!