DBS process for various personnel

Hopefully this is a quick one, but I don’t think it is.

Is there a set bit of policy on what the current DBS process is for CWC/Staff Cadets/CFAV. Including whether it is online or by paper, and who can check the documents. I feel there’s been a lot of IBNs changing the process for these 3 separate groups over the last year, but can’t find a single bit of policy explaining the process for each, including who can check documents.

I believe it’s all electronic now except for Staff Cadets. Couldn’t tell you why or where the policy is. There is a flow chart around somewhere.

Anyone with SC clearance can check the documents and fill in the return that goes to the HQ.

This is also my understanding. I fall short with what the ‘proper process’ is for either of these. My understanding is any OC or Adj can do the ID check for electronic DBS, even without an SC. In LaSER this is done through an online portal. I have not seen any actual policy for this though.

As for staff cadets, not really sure. And this is what I want to know really! Can I as an Adj, without an SC, do the staff cadet ID check, as I can do a CFAV one online!?

So, safeguarding is our No 1 priority, but with the lack of links here, it seems no one knows where our policy is around DBSs; who does which one and who can verify?..

ACP 020? The whole process for new staff, whether committee cadets or adults, is convoluted and inefficient. The online DBS is a good step as it is amazing the number of ways 17 year old cadets can mess up filling in a physical form… although it is very difficult running volunteers “of a certain age” through all the online stuff too!
It doesnt help that BPSS DBS SC and the various Pers Forms all ask for very similar bits of information in different formats.

I wasn’t aware that DBS could be completed online and when I asked the Q a while ago there wasn’t the scope for it. Does anyone have a link to the online application?

A couple of Qs though

  1. Does the applicant set up an online DBS account?
  2. How do I check their application and submit it to Cheadle?
  3. Does the applicant receive an soft or hard copy of their certificate?
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No your WHQ sets it up and sends a link to the applicant. Once completed, however the workflow is managed, the checker will be told it’s time to review the documents. Once completed, it will go through the process and a DBS certificate will be generated.

And recipient receives in about a week; well that’s the average in our Wing :man_shrugging:t2:

  1. As mentioned, WHQ sets it up - the platform is - https://www.ucheck.co.uk/
  2. Applicant receives an email (may default to junk) and completes the initial, then needs to let their OC (or relevant person) that they’ve done this so the doc check can be completed - in LASER (also mentioned) this is done via MS form.
  3. Applicant still receives hard copy but my WHQ takes the clearance details from the online portal and adds them to SMS once they’ve received it removing the need to scan and verify the hard copy certificate by the OC/other.

CWC uses the same process, o18s still on paper forms and Cheadle.

There are a few challenges in the process - knowing WHQ has sent the application to the applicant / applicant completing the application and letting verifier know / notifying Wing that doc check has been completed (although MS Forms can be set to notify and I believe this does occur) / continuing to chase to completion if any queries are raised on docs checked if not accurately recorded first time.