DBS Help - HR Form 239 & 239a

Hi guys, I’m turning 18 at the end of the year, and I was wondering if there are any Staff Cadets that may be able to assist me with filling out the MOD forms that come with the standard DBS Application form.

What do you need help with?

For the MOD form, it has a box which is titled ‘Title/Rank/Grade’, for this, do I put my current ATC rank or do I just put ‘Mr’, and what do I put down as the position applied for? Also, as a CCpl, do I have a Staff/Service Number?

Verification Form
Section 1 - Initiating Unit details – This is WHQ

Section 2 - Personal details Title is either Mr/Mrs Ms/Miss not rank- Service Number not required- Service ATC- Position details – Unremunerated Staff- Level of Disclosure required – Enhanced against barred List & Child Workforce

Section 3 - Verifiers details this is the Sqn Cdr – name – phone number – Unit details- then signed.

Documentary Evidence Sheet

Section 1 - Full applicants name – Form reference this is the DBS application number commencing F010……. - Applicant E-mail address can be left blank

Section 3 - OC sign off

Once this has been completed both the Verification Form and Evidence Sheet along with the DBS application form needs to be posted to WHQ, we will then forward to the DBS office.

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The position should be one of the following: * ACO Staff Cadet * ACO Unremunerated Staff (CI, CGI, CivCom, Hon Chaplains, Service Helpers) * ACO WO/SNCO (ATC) * ACO RAF VR(T) (Officer) This should follow on from the text already in the box.

Generally our E1/E2 at WHQ will fill that in.