Dbs delays and unsure progress

hello there, i was just wondering how long it takes for the dbs. to realistically take to clear through the system?
having completed all tasks laid out for me I’m just waiting for that before i can become an additional useful part of the team at squadron level and hopefully wing and beyond.
courses nee updating as a matter of progress so it only remains for me to ask if there’s any possible way of speeding or chasing up the check?

If the DBS has been submitted for over 3 months it can be chased by WHQ through uCheck, but it is worth checking with WHQ that everything is submitted on their side.

Recent ones that I’ve done ID checks for were back in about 6 weeks.

I would say something has gone wrong as the last 5 I have instigated have been cleared within a week. Contact your Wing HQ to see if they have received an update as your document could have been lost in the post. Did you complete the U-Check online form and submit it?

In same process… However, my DNS is back after a few weeks, like 2 weeks tops

I currently have two people stuck at dbs point and it’s been more than 3 months. Wing has chased but they are both still stuck. One is a new CFAV applicant and the other is just for a refresh. Very frustrating.

Recent changes made by the DBS mean that the checks can be handled by any police force in England or Wales. As I understand it some areas are on top of the workload but some have a backlog due to resourcing issues. Get your wing HQ to chase for you

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Seems a lottery. My renewal came through in 2/3 weeks. Another CFAV on our unit has had to be suspended as his has expired before the new one arrived. Frustrating. (And he has a lot longer service than me.)