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Anyone know how long DBS/BPSS checks are taking to come through?

Got a few new staff waiting for theirs to come back (all of which have SC from work so cant see there being an issue with any of them)


There’s a new DBS system in place, where all applications are randomly distributed across any police service.

It’s meant to make the return times more uniform across the country, but it means the quieter services are able to return the DBSs within a week, whereas the busier services can take several months.

So in short; how long is a piece of string?

DBS is obviously a different matter, but I’d be surprised if holders of higher UKSV clearances actually need another BPSS. I certainly didn’t.

Yeah, a CI has SC clearance due to their job - however was told they need to do a BPSS, which surprises me considering the SC goes into a lot more depth.

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My wing forced me to do BPSS. nightmare.

BPSS is verifying identity, not security clearance.

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Exactly it’s a screening standard than a clearence … it’s pre requisite… even if you hold an NSV issue clearance and you moved to another employer for example you need to do a BPSS VR before your clearance could be transferred and again for renewals.

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BPSS just needs verifying at a Wing level and is then added to the persons profile so shouldn’t take long at all.

DBS I think is a few weeks at the moment based on one I did an ID verification on not long back.

That’s ridiculous. It’s a secondary duty: not a separate employment.

My recent DBS renewal took more than 3 months. Complained and it was expedited. Know of others who are still waiting for theirs.

Wow, that’s pretty bad. Everyone I know who’s done a DBS since moving to the eDBS has been really quick!

That’s insane as local forces have local info and intel systems aren’t properly joined up. (Primarily it’s a choice between Niche or Athena but they aren’t joined up and even PND doesn’t properly cover the gap (it flags that local info is held but not necessarily what it is))

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And some of us in deep dark depths of the Middle Ages have UNIFI.

I had to google that one - I assume it’s one of those systems that is booted up using 5 1/2 inch floppies.

Just very recently, once my ID verification had been submitted, mine was returned in about a week.

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