Dawn’s Medals

Having seen recent photos of the Commandant in No1s I noticed that as well as her CBE she also wears the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal which was issued in 2002.

I wonder why she does not have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal which was awarded in 2012, were FTRS posts not eligible ?

Additionally she does not have the LSGCM despite 23 years of regular service - as she was FTRS at the time this was extended to officers in 2014 would she not be eligible?

I don’t think she was in post on 6th Feb 2012 so wouldn’t have been eligible for the jubilee as was still working on Civvy Street then.

As for the LSGCM I’m not sure, but every chance that she got busted for something minor and that broke her eligibility.

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Mustn’t forget that she had a break in service between RAF and RAFR of about 5 years

If she had 15 consecutive years regular service when the LS&GCM was made retrospective for officers, she would have been awarded it. It appears that she left the regulars before the medal eligibility was extended and therefore could not receive it. My understanding of the regulations is that an officer had to be still serving at the time the award was made retrospective.

I’m fairly certain FTRS posts are eligible for the Jubilee gizzits but certain CS posts which carry an equivalent RAFR rank, aren’t. I’ve got a couple of mates serving in FTRS posts and they certainly got the Diamond Jubilee medal.

I doubt she would have made Air Commodore if that had been the case!

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I think she would’ve been in her break of service when that one came out.

I know of a former RAF officer that gained the requisite number of years service in the regulars but left In 2015 before officers were made eligible.

On joining the RAFAC, after a break in service, she applied for and gained the LSGCM on the basis of her previous service as she was serving in mid 2014, so it must be possible to be issued it retrospectively.

Maybe Dawn just didn’t bother applying?

If shes elligable, she would be wearing it.

For one thing CoS RAFAC would have applied on her behalf.

Based on my very limited understanding, the key points to note are:

  • FTRS are not currently eligible for the LS&GCMS and that’s why the Air Cdre doesn’t have one. The same could be said for some of the Gp Capt’s who don’t have a second clasp to that medal etc.

  • None of the Senior Leadership Team are civil servants, they are all FTRS who do not draw on Service pensions and they are not on civil servant terms and conditions.

  • Only a few civil service posts are left in the Corps that also have a component commission, but these will cease to exist as people retire from post - there are only about 5 left.

The LS&GC is an easy point to answer - She is an Officer.
Prior to 2016 Commissioned Officers were only eligible for the LS&GC medal if they served at least 15 years, at least 12 of which must have been as an other rank.

In 2016 the medal became awardable to officers too with eligibility backdated with a 2 year window.
That is, that an officer who had at least 15 years service and had been serving on or after 29 July 2014 was eligible.
Although she was back in uniform at that time she is not regular RAF, but on an FTRS commission. FTRS service is not eligible for the LS&GC (that service can be counted towards the VRSM) so therefore as she was not serving in the RAF on or after 29 July 2014 she is not eligible for the LS&GCM.


The clue is in the term Full-Time Reserve Service. As wdimagineer2b says, FTRS = VRSM, RAF = LS&GCM.

That said, there are complex rules covering the award of the VRSM and clasps to FTRS personnel. A bog-standard reservist is awarded the VRSM after 10yrs service (which can be aggregated and which regular service to a maximum of 2.5yrs can be carried towards it), 9 certificates of efficiency and recommended by his\her CO. A clasp is awarded for a further 5 years service with 5 certificates of efficiency and CO’s recommendation.

For a FTRS engagement, I’m fairly certain that service counts as half or two-thirds time so it may take 15-20yrs service to be awarded the VRSM. I’d need to check the regulations to confirm that though. This is probably why we don’t see that many FTRS with the VRSM. There’s not many out there.

On the flip side, would we really want…certain…CAC’s doing 15-20 year tours?..….

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