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So, I was at camp during the summer and spent some time reading back through the camp log at the detailed medical incidents that had happened to named cadets at previous camps…


Is there a point to this thread?

Cadets medical incidents don’t belong in such a log to be left laying around and perused by all and sundry.

Best I ever saw was a cadet had come to the camp office to say she was 3 weeks pregnant. The staff had actually written the name of the girl in the book and then tippexed it out.

If the practice ever stops though, what will the duty staff have to do between the rest of the staff disappearing to the bar, and lights out :lol:

[quote=“pEp” post=10565]And?

Is there a point to this thread?[/quote]I’m going to take a wild stab at ‘data protection’.

And then - because stabbing is a reportable incident - I shall have the duty officer log it in the book.

I had assumed that the point was so blindingly obvious that I didn’t need to provide any more detail :wink:

Sorry, I overlooked that bit :-S

Though, sometimes looking back over medical incidents can prove useful.

We had an outbreak of some sort of 24-hour vomiting, fever, general unpleasantness illness at camp this year. It affected both cadets and staff and the med centre didn’t really know what it was.
When I looked back through the duty log (no one else thought to do so) it seems that previous camps had also experienced similar outbreaks going back a few weeks.

That sort of pattern might be usefull.

That type of stuff is allowed (general incident), personal medical conditions isn’t though.

I once saw one at an NACATC which described - quite graphically - an incident involving a fork ending up inside somebody’s arm. Oddly, Donald was in post at the time, so I was surprised it never ended up in one of his “Death by Safety” reports.

Definitely a good read if your on duty, still waiting to see an entry on the lines of ’ Cdt bloggs complains of sore arm, staff assessed and told cdt to man up and get on with it!’

I may be able to help…

An excerpt from a very ammusing days entries.
Close but no cigar. It was a CI.


[quote=“wdimagineer2b” post=10608]I may be able to help…

An excerpt from a very ammusing days entries.
Close but no cigar. It was a CI.


Rightly so! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant, can just imagine how WHQ would take it when they see and accident form filled out for this incident.

I’m waiting for Donald to send out an H&S bulletin…

Have you run out of toilet roll as well?

Have you run out of toilet roll as well?[/quote]They are no use as loo roll - they are already saturated…

I use an H&S annual report to prop up the front of a filing cabinet - perfect for the job.

Have you run out of toilet roll as well?[/quote]

Ah but then you’d have to run the risk of a paper cut… and just imagine reporting THAT one!