CyberFirst Advanced

Hi All,

I’m just wondering if anyone has seen any CyberFirst Advanced Courses advertised?

We have a cadet who is keen to tick off their Gold badge

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i applied for one early last year and they said its was only for 17 - 18 aged people (Sixth form / college) and that there would be one mid this year at some point if I wished to apply in the future

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There isn’t any being advertised at the moment, but if you follow the link to the website I’ve pasted below when one is announced it will be advertised on there

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Thank you!

Thank you for the link, this is super helpful!

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Make sure they have completed and been awarded their Silver Cyber ASAP. They might already have done it of course.

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Yes, already completed! :slight_smile::+1:t2:

Excellent. If I hear anything about the CyberFirst courses I’ll post here.

Thank you! I’ve popped them an email too so if I hear back re. Dates - I’ll let you all know!