Cyber Centurion Competition

Hi all, long time reader, first time poster;

Looking through some of the recommended/required courses for Gold Cyber, and one caught my eye. Does anyone here have experience with the CyberCenturion challenge? From the video on the site, I saw that a cadet team (CCF RAF) made it to 2018’s final.

I’m fine with regards to finding out what it involves, I’m just asking for any opinions on it :slight_smile:

To anyone with experience -
What’s it like? Would this make good project material on squadron?
I’d potentially like to see if there would be a group of cadets willing to take it up as it seems to be a great opportunity.

The competition page - CyberCenturion - Cyber Security Challenge UK


Just out of interest, silver cyber holder here. What are the courses for gold? I know there is some residential thing at RAF Cosford but are there other options?


The Gold residential is the only option at present.

Just out of interest, do you know of the course requirements? (MOI? 16 years of age? Master Cadet? etc) except from the obvious Silver Cyber.

16 or over by the start of the course, good working knowledge of computer science, achieved Bronze level RAFAC cyber badge.
Also preferable but not essential: taken part in the Cyber Centurion Competition, completed the Openlearn Introduction to Cyber Security, achieved a Bronze level Duke of York award.

The 2019 Gold Cyber Courses have all now been filled. (There are 3 courses this year with approx. 6 places per Region and are held in late July and early August.)

Bronze was planned to be superseded by the CyberFirst courses.
The RAFAC was way ahead of the curve in providing cyber courses, after a ministerial decision all cadet forces are to provide training. There was even thoughts that there could be a cyber cadet force (shot down eventually as an idea).

Unfortunately implementation and providing a Train-the-Instructor course has been difficult.
We can continue to run bronze cyber courses, a 5 hour minimum course we are oftentimes prohibited by access to sufficient internet/device connections per pair of participants.

Whilst no more bronze instructor courses are to be planned whilst details are sorted as to the future of cyber… nothing is preventing cadet courses from going ahead.