CWO "Resignation"

If a CWO leaves the Corps prior to their 20th Birthday are they required to “resign”? I seem to recall reading it somewhere but can’t find reference to it now!


I seem to remember there used to be a form for this in the ACPs. However I have been retired now for over a year :frowning:

As far as I can tell, they simply leave. Just like any other cadet.

Cadets join, CWO’s are appointed by Wing. That may be why there used to be a form in the ACPs at one time.

Logic would suggest that as numbers of CWOs are limited on a wing basis, there must at least be a mechanism for informing the wing that a CWO has left - this may of course now be down to SMS.

When I left early as a CWO (over four years ago), I didn’t go through a semi-formal “resignation”, or complete a form. I’m not sure how my CO handled notification to Wing, although this was pre-BADER, so that may make it easier for WHQs to check on numbers nowadays.