CVQO Membership award

Has anyone here taken CVQO up on the staff awards? I was thinking of applying for the Level 7 Membership award…

Any feedback on how CVQO are to work with on the student side of the desk, or any feedback on how rigorous the standards are etc would be appreciated!

Membership award?

They call the Level 7 “membership” - but it’s the NVQ Level 7…

Now that my APMQ Level 4 is almost done. I’ve asked about level 5 could probably push to 6 but from what I understand CVQO ask for a bio and job description and they suggest the ones for you to go after.

Lockdown is all about Career Development


Are we talking about when you get to the point that you just hand over some money, tell them about yourself, and get a qualification for having lived?

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Pretty much

Is this how the qualification is viewed?!

When applying for leadership roles combined with experience it can be a deal breaker

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It’s my cynical summary of what is a formal recognition of achievements not gained simply through study and assessment.

I think it’s a perfectly valid method of gaining qualifications and will likely one day take that route myself.

Personally it holds more weight and respect to hold something like that as opposed to “study and assess” qualifications, because anyone can learn the theory, but it’s putting it into practice that really counts.

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I did the ILM levels 4 & 5 through my OIC and SCC respectively, it was only after doing the level 4 and going to the Graduation Ceremony that CVQO hold that I learnt about the further levels that are on offer. However as I left the Corps last year I have not taken them up. A big part of the selection process seems to be mapping your competencies to the modules that are provided and then to submit them for someone to yes you can or can’t do that level, despite the fact you would be paying.
I may rejoin next year and look at them again then. However it’s nice not having any commitments at the moment so I may stay away longer.

I did the Graduateship a few years back now. It was fairly straightforward if I remember correctly, but I’m not sure I’d do the Membership - very expensive and not sure I particularly need it on my CV to warrant the cost & time required. The Graduateship hasn’t really been a differentiator for me either, but that’s just because of the nature of the job I do I guess.

I signed up for the membership yesterday using lockdown to bolster the CV after it becoming apparent my A Levels mean fudge all except for applying for uni and just didnt want to potentially pay twice. Seems quite self explanatory and simple to complete aslong as you have relevant examples

How do staff get involved in these ILM/CVQO Qualifications?

Google the cvqo website all the info is on there

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