CVQO Badges

I’ve recently been told by a friend that there is talk of getting CVQO badges in the future. Is this true and if so what are people’s opinions on this?

No idea.
Dog poo.

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Army cadets are all over this.

We need to get it through the RAF dress committee first. Given that they permitted SJA to be badged all over our brassards, there is already form… it whether or not they give in is the issue!

The CVQO Twitter account has posted about them a few times.

Badges! For those asking (and there have been lots, thank you) we hope that our new badges will be approved by the @aircadets and @SeaCadetsUK in the near future. Best way to get things moving is to let both organisations know you'd like to be able to wear them on your uniforms!

— CVQO (@CVQO) August 12, 2019

I don’t think that a CVQO badge is worth wearing - it would be very low on my list of badges to include.


The designs that I’ve seen don’t fit our theme, either.
I can’t see as much value in wearing CVQO badges as sja for instance. We already have leadership badges.

I sniff a ploy by CVQO to increase learner numbers.

Slight thread drift but does anybody know if there is a list of CVQO qualifications available?. ?

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At least there’d be more chance of badges actually arriving as I assume they would be sent out by CVQO with the certificate.

I also wonder if we are heading to a situation where there is one set of badges on the brassard in blues and another on the blanking plate in greens

No, cant just click search and RAFAC and it will give everything. The list it produced did not include Aviation Studies

I think that sticking all our badges on a blanking plate would look dreadful - there’s not enough space. Furthermore it’s hard enough trying to get badges for brassards let alone a whole new set for greens.

Also if they were to allow the CVQO badges, where on the brassard would they go? There isn’t much space left on them!

God no…!

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BTEC Aviation Studies is though Pearson Edexcel, not CVQO.
See ACTO 25

This does bring me back to my first question about … i just realised i have asked the wrong question then if there is more than one provider, Didn’t realise that. Is there a list of what external qualifications available to cadets?

They look pretty pony though.

Beyond individual listings in ACTOs… Not that I’ve ever found. The SMS qualifications list is the closest and sod noting them all down.

CVQO, AvStudies, FA, and AT. For CVQO you could arrange a meeting with your local rep to discuss possibilities.

And ILM.

The Army cadets? Or the badges?



Should say the Welsh Government have removed funding from the L2 qualifications so cadets/units in Wales now have to self-fund.

Frankly I expect participation to plummet…

Speaking of the Aviation Studies BTEC, surely that would allow the award of the BTEC Level 2 badge, effectively giving Master cadets two badges for the price of one?