Cutting out lining of your beret

Hi, I have read multiple web articles that recommend cutting the lining out of your beret. Is this allowed? Does it work? Will you get told off?

Best to avoid it if possible. The berets with the massive plastic label sometimes don’t drain the water easily when shaping.

Speak to one of your NCOs if you’re struggling.

Don’t do it. They don’t last as long, they discolour and it doesn’t help shaping.

If you still have one of the aged ones with the massive plastic square label, that’s ok to remove.


More of the same from me… I’ve never needed to cut the lining out of any beret in 25 years.

Don’t do it. Doesn’t help.

One thing you can do to help (if you haven’t) is pull the lining out from the excess/folds so it’s loose in the middle - it’s only attached around the edge.

Be careful you don’t get lumps on top though.


Thanks, I’ll try :slight_smile:

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