Current lead times for DBS?

Hi all.

I’ve rejoined as a CI recently. Done my interviews, BPSS squared away and ID check done.

What sort of wait times are people experiencing at the moment for their DBS’s to be be returned?

I’ve been away for a few years but it seems admin efficiency hasn’t changed much!

I had a recent CI where it took about 3 weeks to return.

When it does come through make sure you register it straight away for the update service. Makes renewal much easier and is free if you’re a volunteer

My DBS earlier in the year was returned successful in 2 days, and certificate in the post the week after.

Biggest part of the wait is usually your local police force so can vary depending on where in the country you are.

You can reach me the previous quarters stats on usually that may help give you an idea

It will also be slowed down if you have moved about a lot, as they will have to contact more Police Forces.

I didn’t realise they had to contact police forces directly. I guess maybe naively I assumed there was a central database they could check.

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Not for intelligence, only for convictions.

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One of my CivCom currently holds the wing record of 2 hours - or at least that’s what WHQ told me

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Bit of thread closure… It came back in 2 weeks, WM Wing.

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