cs95 mtp

Whats the deal with this?

Are cadets allowed to wear it?

The dress regs don’t mention it but then they also seem to suggest that MTP is a uniform all by itself rather than a pattern of camouflage.

Links to any policy documents would be really appreciated.

That’s the thing. The current regs confuse the terms “MTP” and “PCS CU”.

As such there is no definitive written "Yes/No, cadets may/may not wear tropical, i.e. CS95, MTP.

Personally I’d have no problem with it at all. PCS and CS95 are both authorised uniforms; MTP and DPM are both authorised camouflage patterns.
I’d say - Yes, crack on.

If anyone had an issue with it then they probably need ‘re-education’.

Now that MTP (as a pattern) is authorised for wear, MTP CS95 (i.e. the jackets, shirts, and trousers issued from 2010 onwards as a UOR, until the introduction of PCS-CU) is authorised for wear by default.

As AP1358C says:

So the AP1358/1358C regs for No.3SD covers all variations of CS95 (woodland, desert, & MTP) plus the new PCS-CU range of kit.

All the usual badges are worn on MTP CS95:

[quote]0220. No 3 Service Dress Badges & Insignia.

All CS95 jackets and shirts are to be worn with the following standard insignia:

a. The union jack emblem, when worn, is to be positioned centrally 5cm below the shoulder seam on the left arm.

b. The embroidered RAF identity patch (RAFVR(T) Officers only) and the Air Cadets patch (WO / SNCO (ATC) and cadets) is to be affixed centrally and immediately above the right hand breast pocket of the CS95 field jacket and shirts only. The green patch measures 16cm x 3cm and is embroidered in black.

All CS95/MTP jackets and shirts are to be worn with the following standard insignia:

The RAF Tactical Recognition Flash (TRF) (RAFVR(T) officers only) and the ACO Staff Formation Flash (WO / SNCO (ATC) only) replicate the colours of the RAF Stable belt with the addition of an eagle and ‘AIR CADETS’ embroidered in black on the ACO Staff Flash. The ACO Cadet Formation Flash is green with a Viking glider, RAF roundel and ‘AIR CADETS’ embroidered in black. The TRF/Formation Flash is to be sewn centrally on the right sleeve with the top edge 7.5cms below the shoulder seam. See chapter 4 for other flashes such as Junior Leaders or Small Arms Training Teams.[/quote]

However, what isn’t made clear in the written regs for No.3SD is that RAF/Air Cadets Force Identifiers are not worn on PCS-CU, although this is clear in the pictures.

So - in summary:

  1. MTP CS95 is OK
  2. Force Identifiers & TRFs are worn on CS95 (whether MTP or woodland DPM)
  3. No Force Identifiers on PCS-CU, but TRFs are worn.


PS - EDIT) The wording of No.3SD regs in AP1358C do confuse “MTP” with CS95 & PCS-CU …CS95 and PCS-CU are the styles of kit, whereas MTP is the camouflage pattern, which in turn leads to this:

The clear intent here is to prevent the mixing of woodland DPM CS95 kit and MTP kit (whether CS95 or PCS-CU) and the mixing of “greens” with “blues” - not the prevention of wearing MTP CS95.