Correct Initial Kitting Form SNCO

Good morning all

Can someone give me a link to the CORRECT initial kitting form please? Seems to be loads on Sharepoint, surely there should only be one standard one? Seem to have found a Scottish only version! :rofl:

Thanks in advance.

You will get one from WHQ when you get your paperwork through. It needs to be filled in and stamped so you can’t just use one off sharepoint.

There is nothing exciting on it. It’s just a full set of entitled uniform.

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It’s missing slacks and a skirt from the list. my phone was being stupid when I tried to zoom out.

@Intruder, wow, that one is a bit ‘old school’, only refers to WOs and ATC pin badges! :wink:

Doesn’t matter, you won’t get them from your parent station anyway as they come from wing!

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I dont think the form has been updated since our new rank slides came in.

You will get rank slides from WHQ like @Tango_Foxtrot said . You do (i believe) still get an ATC pin badge from stores though, my new Sgt got one on initial kitting last month.

No rank slides here. Private purchase!

Same. Had to buy my own APO slides

Sharepoint search for TG Sup Form 007
Or go to key documents\Forms scroll down to the TG section