Corps Chairman

Wikipedia appears to advise us that there is now a Corp Chairman and has actually put a name against that position.

It is my understanding , and that of many others, that where you have a Chairman, there is a recognised body for that person to actually Chair eg Squadron Civcom.

So what body exists or has been created?

Whatever, might we then expect a revision to ACP11 to show how this interacts with the existing structure


Sorry but Wikipedia does not include an ‘S’- perhaps you might want to correct them.

What are you talking about?


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@Aries has been at the communion wine again.


Not remotely new

Absolutely nothing heard about it.

A quick google search shows that the only references to him as Corps Chairman are that wikipedia page (wikipedia is of course notorious for contained unsubstantiated nonsense, since it can be edited by anyone) and one passing mention of him by South and East Midlands Wing as a guest at a dinner in November last year… They could even have taken their information about the man from an unsubstantiated wikipedia page for all we know…

I’m sure that if it’s true and important something will eventually filter down to us.
In the meantime, it doesn’t actually make any difference whatsoever to us.

Somewhere it was referenced without an ‘S’

Just waiting for someone to pick that up, so you win the prize!

How about going for the bonus and actually answer the question instead of being pedantic?

If you’re going to cast aspersions about the legality of something an organisation is doing the very least you could do is spell the name of the organisation correctly.

The word ‘chairman’ comes up twice on that Wikipedia page - once in the box I screenshot and once in a paragraph about structure and organisation. The only mention of a ‘Corps Chairman’ is in the box. There is no mention anywhere of a ‘Corp Chairman’.

Furthermore, the title of that page is ‘Air Training Corps’ and the word ‘Corps’ appears no fewer than 72 times.

The more I read your posts the more I’m convinced you actually have very little to do with the organisation and are just trying to pick holes for the sake of something to do.


I mean there’s literally a letter come out from him today

Also it’s part of when you teach about the structure of the ATC - also been a Corps Chairman nothing knew there

Thought id have a look in ACP 011 and Sqn Chairman --> Wing Chairman --> Regional Chairman --> Air Cadet Council

But it then says

"1. Constitution. The Air Cadet Council is established to consider all aspects of the Air Training Corps and to recommend to the Air Force Board any changes which the council think would improve the Corps’ image and efficiency. It is responsible to the Air Force Board for the overall running of the Air Training Corps and for the formulation of general policy on all aspects of its work.

  1. The Air Cadet Council will be under the honorary, non-executive, presidency of the Parliamentary Under - Secretary of State for Defence and the chairmanship of the Chief of the Air Staff. The membership is as follows:"


beat me to it.

Corps Chairman I would expect to sit somewhere near the top of the CWC CoC

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My efforts indicate the following

Central and East Regional Commandant

Regional Civilian Committee Chairman

Vice-Chairman of XV Squadron Association

Former commander of XV Squadron

Gained his OBE in 1997

However he is he is familiar with the blue uniform and ATC

Well, this seems to have been cleared up pretty quick.

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