Corporation tax return

HMRC has required me to submit a corporation tax return (I registered for Gift Aid this year). I checked with them that this was correct (we are a small squadron (with Excepted Charity status) and they said yes.

I looked on Bader but couldn’t find anything (that doesn’t mean it is not there, - I struggle with finding things on Bader) and I thought this forum would in any event be much more useful.

The return requires annual accounts (which I can take off Form 60 ) and I will use the receipts and payments basis (cash accounting, as opposed to the accruals basis), but it also requires an annual report, (which we haven’t done as we are a small squadron still recovering our numbers after Covid).

I know that ACP10 gives guidance on the annual report, but I was wondering if anyone who does these things would let me crib off theirs. PLEASE

Any other tips would be more than welcome.


Don’t worry, will be completed by your Wing Treasurer next year :rofl::rofl::dog:


Yes, that occurred to me as well. One advantage of the proposed changes then.

Is it worth speaking to your wing and regional treasurers for advice?


I will. But I thought I would ask people who may have actual experience first!