Corporal letter of application

i now have an opportunity to apply for corporal can anyone read through my letter and give me any areas to improve? TIA also how should i address this letter?

Dear Reader

Since I joined this squadron I have always felt passionate about cadets and I knew I would like to progress and enjoy my time here.
I have always enjoyed this squadron and as a part of the NCO team, I would like to foster and nurture that for other cadets and make a difference for the better.

I always like to take up and pursue open doors and opportunities inside and outside of cadets for example I am in the college council at xxxxxxxx College to help improve the college and help make crucial decisions for the school. I also volunteer at my football club tea hut on Saturdays and help cater to the community.

I have also been specially selected for the 2024 xxxxxx College NASA trip which has given me the idea to pursue the RAFAC space syllabus and I have also begun the student HPQ award as an extra optional qualification. (equivalent to around half a GCSE) that teaches you important skills in researching and presenting.

I believe i would be a good candidate for corporal as I have exceptional commitment, loyalty, standards and uniform. I would like to set a standard for new cadets and be a positive role model in all subjects, including uniform drill and behavior.

In the future, I hope to do JNCO, road marching, radio, cyber and leadership courses to develop my management and initiative skills and possibly complete one of the instructional qualifications to be able to teach.

I believe i would make a good fit in the NCO team as i have good leadership social and decision making skills that could help improve cadets experiences and benefit the squadron.

I’ve only skimmed over it but the bit that’s missing is what you’d contribute to your unit as a JNCO?

That’s a good letter and it does sound like you would be a good NCO with all those good experiences and passion!

That said, I think a way to improve the letter would be to say exactly what you would do for your squadron as opposed to just what you’ve done individually. For example, even though its implied, say you would teach the space syllabus on your squadron. Approach this letter as about what you will do for your squadron as well as what you have already done

like a “in the future i would” kind of bit?

Think about the role of an NCO on your squadron, or other squadrons you know, and pick some of the tasks the NCOs do that fit your skills and interests. Ask other NCOs where the gaps are.

The letter as it stands is a bit focused on your cadet ‘career’ rather than how, as a JNCO, you will help the squadron to develop.

It’s a bit of a cliche but it’s also about ‘giving back’, you have the opportunities, now you’ll pass some of that experience on to others and are willing to take on some of the burden in running the unit.

Good luck - the transition from cadet to JNCO is in many ways the hardest move, but good JNCOs are a big part of a successful Squadron!

@WestlandScout said it perfectly, it is about what you as an NCO will be able to give back

Thanks guys this is really helpful i will review and alter the letter.
thanks :smiley:

may i ask who should i address it to should I say dear Mr (OC surname) dear ( sir/maam) etc?

Just ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ if an officer or WO.

ok thanks :smiley: