Corporal interview


Hi all,

Does anyone have any idea what to expect during a corporal interview?

Like what topics to revise/go over?
And what to know?

Thank you.


It’s very much going to depend on your OC and whoever else is going to be doing the interviewing.

For me I would be looking at Squadron and possobly Wing Structure. (I would only expect my JNCO’s to know basics of the Wing Structure, Wing Commander, Sector Commander and Wing WO). I would also make sure you brush up on your First Class studs, so RAF and ATC history.

The big question that will catch a lot of people out is the “Why do you want to be a Corporal!”


How do you reply to that big question? :joy:


Sell yourself, I enjoy cadets I want to be a cpl to pass on the skills I learned junior cadets etc , I believe I am a good team.player but I can also work on my own when required. Hopefully that helps you a bit


Only you know why you want to be a Cpl.


@OldNewbie is correct, however knowing something is the easy part, but being able to explain it is entirely different.

Ask yourself this @Vinny_w1? What would your squadron gain from you being a JNCO?

Are they gaining a leader that is able to encourage and motivate cadets to do their best for themselves and their squadron?

Are they gaining a JNCO that will support the wider NCO team in line with the squadron long term goals?

Where do you see your cadet career taking you?

They’re the big questions relating to why you want to be a JNCO and what would the squadron gain from you doing that role. Do not forget the foundation knowledge of the ATC, RAF, dress regs (AP1358C) and drill (AP818), those last two will be imperative in your role as a JNCO.

Furthermore, don’t forget good interview technique. Positive body language etc. REMEMBER TO SELL YOURSELF!


Service knowledge (ATC moreso than RAF IMO) is important. NCOs should be able to guide cadets and others, and should ideally know some of the key dates and the structure of the organisation.

If they don’t, what example do they really set.


All thats been previously mentioned is useful to know.Its down to your O.C what the questions will be.I used to ask questions on ATC knowledge and of course the big question as to why you want to be a Cpl and what you would bring to the post.I also would ask a few “what if” scenarios as well.Nothing too hard though. Remember this though.Cpl is the hardest rank to do.You are beholden to everyone and dont have that much power.You have to be a jack of all trades and “be all things to all cadets”.
My best advice I can give you is be yourself in that interview.I wish you every success.


remember that the most important tool in a corporal’s arsenal is
ap 818 (drill manual) and AP 1358-C (uniform manual)

Acp = Air Cadet Publication

be yourself in the interview don’t act under pressure, mention some issue in your squadron and address them

remember to mention leading by example they love that

if you stutter compose yourself and say what you were saying again

Remember RISE