Corporal assisting squadron and cadets ideas

Hey, what can I assist the squadron in when I’m corporal?

Very broad spectrum question…

What are you qualified in? Without knowing your circumstances, you’ll probably get a very broad stroke answer.

As a general rule, be competent to lead a squad in foot drill, bear your own responsibility for discipline and deportment within your section and the squadron as a whole, carry out your own orders to the best of your ability and be able to deputise for your SNCOs in their absence.


Exactly what @Horriblelittletechie says - that is spot on

The only thing I’d add is that you are the first link in the chain between cadets and the cadet NCOs and adult staff. So be accessible and available to the cadets, but you also need to create a bit of distance (especially if they were your mates).


If I might push back ever so slightly on this one.

Maybe creating distance is a bit strong.

What you can’t do anymore is muck about with your mates. The “distance” can simply being holding yourself to higher standards and not engaging in group behaviours you know to be childish or unbecoming.

Maintaining your strong bonds with the cadets is your recipe for success. And indeed is essential in your mates listening to you when you give them a sharp nip for course correction.


If you have any paryicular skill then ask to share it.
Sharing skills is something communities thrive on. So help your community and ask your staff if theres anything you can teach or help organise!

This could be a range of things. If youre great at drill then ask to have a night where you can help them
Enorce discipline when needed and have bonds with other cadets. Build trust with them and be there fir them in everything they do and congratulate them when they get things right. I wish there were more people who congratulated and genuinely cared about the accomplishments of other people.

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