Contradiction in F3822A and recent MT IBN

As a Staff Cadet, I have been told that I can act as the EO when taking our cadets flying next week. The AEF was a late notice one and is not nearby, we still bid for the slots because, well, who wouldn’t??

However, I have ran into difficulty when looking at transport there. I hold a full UK Driving License, using a vehicle fully taxed, MOT’d etc.

In the 3822A, parents give permission for their charges to be driven by “CFAV’s, permanent members of staff, parents of other cadets and staff cadets (over the age of 18)”.

However, in a recent IBN that came out, I think its quoted at the top of the MT Policy, it says “Staff cadets are not permitted to drive on RAFAC business”.

My question is, provided we make it clear that the RAFAC (or rather 2FTS) becomes the duty holder only when we have entered the RAF Station, can I drive the cadets there, legally and without breaking regulations?

Any help would be appreciated, especially if some documentation proving can be provided so I can show it to CoC.


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I would crack on. :person_shrugging:
Edit to add, what “recent IBN”? I can’t see an IBN relating to MT, even going back as far as 2020.

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Short answer, yes

Long Answer, as you are not entitled to claim mileage, you are not on RAFAC duty until you arrive at the AEF as you are the same status as the cadets you are transporting.

Legally you are fine*. Air cadet regulations wise you are fine - you just can’t drive service transport.

So as per the previous the advice - just crack on & if anyone is in the do do it will be for complex technical reason & certainly not yourself.

*Not formal legal advise.please consult a qualified legal representative if you are unsure of your legal position


If you are allowed , you’d need Business insurance to take the other cadets.

Also worth being aware at some AEFs if you are the supervising adult then you won’t be able to fly.

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No, not necessarily. Please see this handy PDF for insurers and their business use with volunteering policies:


Fair - but would double check with your specific insurers particularly as they are young and it could impact it.

ACP 20 is clear that with the parents permission (obviously if there is an IBN still valid that would overtake it) staff cadets can transport cadets. In terms of ACTO 150 it’s basically on you to ensure it is correct - which is vital.

“6.4. It must be noted that the onus is ultimately upon the driver to ensure the legal compliance of both themselves and their vehicle. They also take responsibility for ensuring that their motor insurance policy is adequate and covers use on RAFAC business. Insurance companies may vary on whether RAFAC business is covered within an existing motor insurance policy and will also vary between policy holders (ie. age, experience, occupation, previous claims etc; all having an effect on the premium). It is feasible that some may be unwilling to cover this sort of activity or will only do so for an increased premium.

6.5. Individuals must contact their own insurers if they are in doubt about the level of cover their policy provides and to ensure that it is adequate.”

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No you don’t - that only applies if you are eligible to claim the money back (which staff cadets are not)

It falls into the same category as dropping off friends at an event or parents dropping off their kids.

It’s when money is claimable that all the business insurance & HMRC kicks in.


This is a great area and I think caution would be the best policy.

Personally I would check my policy document and if in doubt would confirm in writing with my insurer if they were happy with me transporting other young people under these circumstances.

There’s also the wider issue here of sending a staff cadet acting as a CFAV to supervise cadets for what sounds like the first time on their own?

Their OC needs to think about the worst case scenario at an AEF visit and if the individual could deal with this should the worst happen.

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:rotating_light: Staff Cadet debate thread drift :rotating_light:

That issue is adult volunteering not being treated as adults. CFAV POs in the SCC & PIs in the ACF can both be 18 & treated as adult staff.

There are no issues on staff cadets being used as escorting officers or taking charge of events

When you can be an attested police officer at 18 dealing with rape victims, fights & picking up bits of body from train tracks, then we shouldn’t be making assumptions on age.

It’s not inconceivable that we have a staff cadet who is also an attested Constable.

More relevant to the topic is driving experience, which in my view should be a minimum of 6months between passing a test & transporting cadets.

However you cannot police everything & at the end of the day the onus is on the individual & while there are some RAFAC regulations, there is no requirement for business insurance where a claim for mileage under HMRC rules is not available.


The issue here is how we supervise people in this position. Whether it’s a suitably qualified cadet or new CFAV.

I’m sure the individual concerned here is very capable of escorting a group of cadets, but the question is if it’s the first time they’ve done this and are asking questions as they are is it fair to put them in this position?

It’s very easy for a Sqn boss to ask individuals to help without giving thought for the implications if something goes wrong. The individual being asked to help will invariably say yes and at least this individual is asking the right questions.

As someone who served for 30 years as a police officer I’m well aware of what police officers deal with on a daily basis. However newly attested officers aren’t dealing with the incidents you describe on their own. They are supervised and monitored closely for up to two years.

Thank you for pointing out the thread drift, but I believe my point was relevant until you bought the police service into the thread…


Sorry the thread drift highlight was more my side & also to try & avoid people jumping in with staff cadet debate part 94. Point take re Officer although I have known cops who have dealt with hanging on very first shifts. It is the inconsistency in attitude towards age between the organisations was the reason for me highlighting the police bit :blush:

This is a very good & relevant point & while there does need to be a first time for everything OCs should be briefing & supporting accordingly.

However their is a symptom with the RAFAC with over bureaucracy & inconsistent policies often with gapping gaps. This then results in people over thinking & making things more bureaucratic “just to be safe” often applying rules for one area to another aspect when it’s not correct or appropriate to do so. :slight_smile:


Agreed. :+1:t2:

Happy Easter.

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What is not clear is the vehicle a SOV with the insurance to go with it or a personal vehicle which hasn’t been stated?

Its a personal vehicle, I’ve read ACTO 150 enough to know I cannot drive the SOV!