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Apologies if this seems like a silly question but if I wanted to contact another Squadron about an event they were running that I would be attending, how would I go about doing so? I couldn’t find a good reference list etc for contact information for other sqns, bar of course the generic oc.sqn@rafac.etc email, which I’m slightly hesitant to use given I don’t know the name/rank etc of said OC.

Alternatively would it be best for me to reach out to my staff first, and have any communication go through them? Not sure what the standard/acceptable protocol is here :slight_smile:

Probably best if you reach out to your own staff to be honest. That’s what I would advise. But for reference, there are a few emails you can use.

and a few more…

If you log into cadet portal and go to ‘My Unit’ on the left hand side, I believe you will be shown a list of staff, their roles, and their contact emails. Obviously this will only show your squadron staff, but the squadron number can be changed out for any squadron.

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That’s great, thanks! Appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:

Is there any paperwork on the event on Cadet Portal that you can see? Look there to see if there’s a name and contact email as that person would likely be the most appropriate.

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Nothing on there as of yet by the looks of it, but given it’s a fairly new event and it’s not for a little while I guess it’s perhaps best just to wait and see if more information comes out later/ask staff.


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