Contacting an RAF Station


Wearing a non-ATC hat I have a desire to invite our local RAF Station Commander to an event as a VIP.

Although I can readily find the name of the individual in question, and the postal address for the station is there a “generic” format station commanders can be contacted via?


where XXX = Station

or is it not so simply and easier to go through another means such as


I’d recommend going through the generic ‘contact us’ email, usually on the contact us section of the stations page on the RAF website and they’d point you in the right direction.


You could always establish contact by the old fashioned method of post.
Grp Cpt Bigwig
Station Commander
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I suggest that a formal invitation to a function should be sent by post rather than email.


The above, as emails can get overlooked, deleted or blocked, whereas a letter has to be opened and read.


Emails are very much the norm.

If you want to check on a direct email address, look up the stn’s 'phone number & call; you will get the MOD Operator (oh, the halycon days when every stn had its own PBX with an operator who knew everyone / every section, the Guardroom was always ext 252, Stn Cdr 200, PA to Stn Cdr, 201, etc!), & ask for the PA to the Stn Cdr.

Explain the circumstances to the PA & they will give you the best advice / option / preferred contact


I wonder why…:rofl:


Thread drift…

Going through OCTU RAF Henlow (the hard course, none of the namby pamby Cranditz easy life), I needed some new aircrew socks (I was an AEOp) - socks, green aircrew for the use of, still one of the best quality items I ever had issued (& still use today for boots). I had heard some alarming stories about one particular cpl storeman who was exceptionally rude to baby officer students, as well as refusing to issue entitled items.

It was hard enough having to visit Clothing Stores in whatever very limited time was available, without having to face an idiot behind the counter. I made a quick visit to the Guardroom…

Dashed to Clothing Stores, Cpl X was behind the counter.

“Good afternoon Cpl, please can I have, or can you order if not in stock, 4 pairs of socks, green, aircrew for the use of. I have the NSN.”

"I hate you di dah di dit students; you keep coming here wasting my time. No you de dah di dit can’t. De dah di dit off!!!

I asked him to repeat, he did. I was in the company (pre-planned as a potential witness) of another of the AEOp single brevet master race.

Took off raincoat (as did my mate), which showed our AEOp brevets underneath - Cpl X’s eyes had a quick look. I extracted the piece of paper that I had collected from the Guardroom, & asked Cpl X for his full name / service number. Now he was slightly worried, so he asked what for, in a much more polite tone.

So, I told him it was for the F252 & that as I held the rank of sgt until being commissioned, I was going to charge him for dereliction of duty for starters!! Oh, the fastest award for Olympic Gold medal (back-pedalling) went to Cpl X. :grin:

Much grovelling later by Cpl X, the F252 was put back in my pocket. The good news was anything my flight wanted from stores (entitled or not - within reason) was handled as a top priority demand or issue.

(Yes, I have always taken a direct approach! :wink: )

End of thread drift…


Bloody stackers………:rofl:


and have been ignored for the last three years…

and why now, on my 4th attempt I am going to attempt email!


As it happens, i bumped into someone in the know. is the answer I was looking for should anyone else wish to know…

(and for reference, I shall still send in the post which is then followed up by my email - Dear Sir, you will have already received my invitation to by post and follow this up by email for ease for us both…)

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